Friday, June 19, 2009

Ever held a life in your hands?

We were swimming at the pool this evening. My 3 yr old daughter was adrift in a floaty ring and when all backs were turned, it tipped. She went under for a second or two when grammie and mom both shouted. I turned and dove in from across the pool. I came up underneath her and lifted her out. She coughed and wimpered a bit, but was fine. It was terrifying, yet (for the most part) we managed to laugh it off.

Here's a moment where the rubber really hits the road. My daughter is shaken - at bedtime she said she keeps thinking about "sinking", but, physically, she's fine. I don't want to sound melodramatic, but one gets to thinking: where is God when our children are in danger? If you ever get put in a situation like this (and I've experienced worse), this question surfaces.

When I prayed with my son before bed, we thanked God that we may have his sister still in this world. God was there tonight - at the pool and at bedtime. We were reminded that He is sovereign. If He want to call my little girl home, that's his prerogative. When you're the creator, sustainer, and redeemer, you get to make these decisions. I'm glad he does. Only He knows just how bad I'd screw things up if it were left up to me!

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