Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Death Dream

I was gonna die. I was in the hands of good friends and in a safe place, and i was gonna die. Not sure why, either. I can say this much: in my dream, my death was imminent, certain and necessary.

All I could do was tremble/quake in fear while in the hands of my friends. I wasn't afraid of dying or death per se, but of loosing my wife and kids. It's the only thing in my mind in the dream. I'll never see them again, i'll die and they're gone for good! My family, gone! I can't die, I can't loose my family!

When I awoke from the depth of despair, all I could think was "What about Christ?! I was supposed to be excited to see God! What about God? What about Jesus? Did I really forget Him? How could I?!"

I have told myself many times, and said it aloud on a few occasions: God tends to my fam while I'm here, he can tend to them when I'm up there, too. When it's time for my homecoming, parting may be tough at first but I get to be with God. That was why Christ died in the first place.

So what the heck just happened?

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CRZ said...

Um, wow... that's quite a dream. You hadn't mentioned anything & I haven't checked out your blog for quite a while (as you hadn't written anything in a longer while).

While I hope you won't be leaving us for a very long time, you are right... He is always faithful. While I know this too, it is something I seem to need reminding of quite often.

As you have time, keep on writing buddy! I love to read your deep thoughts, especially when we don't talk for awhile...