Monday, July 13, 2009

Of Napping and Anger Management

Some thoughts regarding napping: I'm finding that I have 2 primary options come nap time: the couch in the living room, or the bed in, well, in the bedroom. There is a third option, but that's simply falling asleep where I am, and that's not so cool. So here is what I'm learning: The basic factors in the decision are intended length of nap and peace and quiet required.

The Shock Nap

There is the occasion where I feel like my limbs are gaining weight by the second and life is slowly becoming impossible. The nice part about these moments are that I can lay down and take a nap anywhere with little regard for atmosphere. Most often, 5 to 10 minutes and I'm right as rain. I think I shall call these my shock naps. Shock nap is a good name because they recharge my battery like a lightening bolt, and because my wife expects me to be out for a half hour, and that makes it shocking for her to see me 7 minutes later wide eyed and looking like I never fell asleep.

The Day Killer Nap

Then there's the occasion where I feel like I haven't been to bed in days. I'm just plain-old tired. Times like this, I often attempt to use the couch and the wifey softly suggests I go try the bed. By then I've tried unsuccessfully to nap for 15 minutes and I'm likely growing impatient. Invariable, I take my doting wife's good advice and go to bed. Herein lies the rub: napping in the bedroom usually ends in a 90 minute nap, sometimes over 2 hours. I've tried setting an alarm and I've tried leaving the TV on. Either way, the nap stretches out, I waste a big chunk of the day and I often get the added effect of grogginess for what's left of the day. I hate to think I'm unavailable for my wife or my kids. That's why I hate day killers, and that's all I'll say about that.

A happy medium, The Nap, Nap

I try the couch, even though I know I should just go to bed. I do this because it's nearly impossible to sleep for hours there, and the kids make it easy to get up after 20 minutes or so. When I voluntarily use the bedroom, I turn on the TV because I can hear the TV program in my sleep. A cool narcolepsy trick I have is waking up at the end of a show. I might try to explain better another time, but it suffices to say that it's not always successful, it's great when it is successful, and it's definitely a narcolepsy thing. When a successful nap is had either way, usually around 20 minutes, life is good. Very good.

That pesky Anger Management thing

The part I'm still working out is when I oversleep to the tune of 2 hours in my room, or when the kids wake me prematurely on the couch. It's way too easy to get upset there. Over the years Concerta has helped me recognize a bad mood coming, and it's a good thing because it takes a concious effort to awaken upset and not let it become anger. Angry at the clock, angry at myself, angry at my wonderful wife or whoever else can be blamed for letting me sleep that long. Angry at the dog, angry at my kids or anyone who might disturb my perfect couch nap. It's about that time, or perhaps now while I think about it, that I simply raise a prayer to the Lord and ask for His peace patience and kindness. It's a good thing I have His guidance and the Holy Spirit working in my...

...'cause I can be a real bear.

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