Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Willing to pay... to volunteer?

So, my friend has this friend who volunteered at Hazeltine for the PGA tournament. I don't care much for golf, but this caught my attention: To volunteer, it cost her $180. She got passes to get in all week regardless of which days she's working, so I think it pays off. Saying/ reading it out loud is still rather bewildering to me.

"You want to volunteer? Sure. $180 please."

"You want a week's pass to watch golf? Sure. $180 please. Oh, plus a little manual labor. No big."

"Want a job with the PGA? Sure. Make our paycheck out to... yes. You work for us AND pay us."

My challenge to you is to tell me any other experience where it costs you money to volunteer. Tell me some form of work you would willingly PAY to have to do. Oh, lets keep it clean too, boys and girls.

Paying to volunteer. Unbelievable.


buddhafisch said...

Beat writer, Pro Hockey News. Hasn't cost me much, but probably more than it should.

Denise said...

You have to buy a volunteer's vest to give time to at least one museum I know. And I know of some immersion volunteer experiences that cost money to participate.

It's a bit wierd saying you have to pay to volunteer, but not completely unheard of.